Hakuoki: Premium Edition

“Hakuoki” is the whole story fully-voiced in Japanese by popular voice actors, and the beautiful illustrations are perfectly ported right from the PSP version! In addition to that, it features a new scenario and new illustrations specifically created for the original app.

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The Story

It is the end of the Edo Era, and the 3rd year of the Bunkyu Era...
The protagonist, Chizuru Yukimura, was raised in Edo and is daughter to a Rangaku scholar. Having lost contact with her father in Kyoto, Chizuru decides to visit him. There, Chizuru witnesses a Shinsengumi soldier killing a bloodthirsty monster. By strange happenstance, Chizuru finds herself connected to the Shinsengumi, and the assassins desperate to kill them.
As time progresses, Chizuru will discover their terrible secret...

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Chizuru Yukimura

Toshizo Hijikata

Souji Okita

Hajime Saito

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